Lunch with Mamma Janet…

“Mamma Janet” is the name Ugandans have given to the First Lady, Janet Museveni, because she acts just like a mother for her country. She is a very powerful figure, but perhaps one of the most humble and caring people I’ve met.

Walking around the State House

Anyway, today, just following the awesome dinner/dance party and the Vice President’s, we’re heading to the State House where the First Lady has invited the CFU team for lunch (talk about your crazy weekends). She was so touched by their hard work, and was especially thankful to them for installing a lab in one of her chosen schools this year. So this was her goodbye party for them.


The food was lovely (although nothing can quite beat the VP’s barbecue), provided by the Sheraton right across the street from the State House. As you can see, the team was enjoying it…a nice break after a long two and a half weeks.

During lunch a few of us got up to present some gifts to the First Lady.

Serena gave Mamma Janet a formal invitation to go to her high school (Forest Ridge in Washington State)—she had invited her beforehand at the computer lab handover ceremony.

Serena and Mamma Janet

The two Janets meet! Dr. Janet Graeber, by the way, is the woman who started this whole project five years ago with Johnorable. She was the only headmaster from all the high schools that John emailed in Washington State to respond to his email about the CFU project. We have her to thank for this amazing experience.

The two Janets

Now it was my turn to give a gift: an MIT T-shirt for Mamma Janet, and an MIT pen for the President.

MIT shirt, yo.

And a pen for the President.

Wow. That was soooo cool.

After a few goodbyes, a group photo (I need to get that from the staff photos sometime!), we headed off to the CFU bus.

On the way out we received an unexpected but amazing honor: a Presidential Honor Guard Salute.

Honor Guard Salute

Now, that…was awesome.

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