Goodbye Team!

As always, the flight for the CFU team leaves early in the morning. Generally the team goes to a discotheque and dances all night before boarding the plane, but this year Janet wanted to take it easy…so the all-night party happened beforehand.

We left for Entebbe at around 4:30 in the morning and got to the airport entrance right before sunrise.

Ah, the madness

There was a mad rush to get the bags out of the matatu and the bus.

Packing the bins

And after everyone found their bags, they said their goodbyes.

Garrett and Maureen

Meanwhile, Johnorable was lecturing Fredrik about…well…just about everything. (The car ride over here was quite interesting.)

Then, after all the excitement, all the drama, all the adventures, all the labs, all the work, the team was heading home.

And I was staying behind. (This is certainly a new experience!) As Fredrik said, “Wow, Biyeun, I’d never thought I would be saying goobye to you in Africa.” Maybe next year the team can stay longer…

And by the time the sun had risen, the team was inside and ready to go.


See you next year, guys. Mwelaba.

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