A Mini Tour of InterConnection

So what does the inside of InterConnection Uganda actually look like? Well, that’s for you to visit and find out.

InterConnection Uganda!

Just kidding, here’s a little mini tour for all the curious souls out there…

Fredrik Working

Here we have the entrance to the office next to the reception. The workstation area out in front will actually move to the yellow wall later on. It will be a part of the display/demo area. By the way, that’s Fredrik working out in front (if you remember, he’s the President of ICU Holdings, LLC in Washington State as well as a Microsoft employee). He’s sprucing up the accounting system—we’re using Microsoft Accounting 2007. Sure we could develop our own system, but that would take months and the MS Accounting is free (can you believe it?).

Rudi working in the office

In the office (which is still a wee bit messy right now), Rudi (the treasurer of ICU Holdings, LLC) is fixing up SharePoint…which will house our inventory system. I could, eh, think of a few better ways to do it, but again time is of the essence and he’s from Microsoft. Now I just have to figure out a good backup system for all this that’ll be completely autonomous, document everything, and perhaps find a more efficient way of imaging the computers…

the Kitchen

And behind the office is the kitchen (usually stocked with bananas and water).

Waiting to be refurbished

In the middle of the warehouse is our stash of CRTs and computers waiting to be refurbished. (We really need to get LCDs over here soon…CRTs are so annoying.)

Checking the Inventory

Here is our refurbishing station. There are some hardware repair tables nearby and this is the software installation lab. Kyakawa is our best technician…he’s currently updating the inventory system (which right now is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet since Rudi is busy working on the SharePoint site).


And here are some of our spare parts (either gutted from damaged PCs or given to us by InterConnection Seattle).

And that’s pretty much it for now…I have to get back to work (there is certainly a lot of it!).

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