Meeting the Vice President

Today, after a little work at ICU, we tagged along with the CFU team at their “hand-over ceremony” at the school sponsored by the Vice President. Jackie, also from MIT, arrived late last night, so she was certainly in for a treat today.

Once we arrived, the security personnel escorted us to our seats, and just a few feet away was the Vice President of Uganda. How awesome is that? The team had met the President a few days earlier while they were in Masaka over the weekend (I didn’t go because I had work to do in Kampala). Two years ago the CFU team I was on met President Museveni at the State House, but this year…wow. Both the President and the VP…neat.

The Vice President was very sociable and friendly. People here really love him (and some say even more than the President).

Meeting the VP

He spoke about his love for the project and technology.
the VP speaks

And then he invited us for a party at his house (if I heard correctly). We’ll have to see if that happens…

After lunch I went with some of the CFU team to look at the newly installed computer lab.
The Computer Lab

And then we hung around and talked for a while. Cathy thought she’d try her hand at dancing, Uganda style…
Cathy dances
Go, Cathy, go!

Now for the drive home. No…wait…is that Fredrik in the driver’s seat?!
Oh, don’t worry he drove home yesterday, but not without a few yells outside the window at the matatus with their brights on. Anyway, I’ll see you all in the next life. *gulp*
Oh, boy.
Buckle up. Eh…wait…with what?

And here’s another interesting picture involving trucks, cows, and people.
Can you see a leg? Look closely.
Where's the leg?

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