Work, work, and…ambassador?

So this morning I woke up to the sound of the car running outside my window. Oh, right, we were going to the American Embassy today.

I jumped out of bed, put on something decent to wear and nearly tripped over myself as I scrambled outside the door and hopped into John’s car.


Today we met the American Ambassador for Uganda Steven A. Browning. The meeting was basically a question and answer session where we got to prod Ambassador Browning with questions about what exactly the U.S. was doing in Uganda. He was quick to mention that most of the help was coming from the private sector, and he also pointed out that Uganda was one of the most welcoming African countries. We also had a little discussion about their relationships with other foreign presences in Uganda (like China), which is quite interesting considering the Chinese are helping to install the new National Internet Backbone.

After that everyone headed over to the refurbishing center to see what work is being done and to modify a few power plugs.

I continued to paint a little, and then I was being called for left and right to help get things up and going for the team.


We received around 80 computers today from a man named Denis. His gift kept us busy refurbishing, something we certainly need while the 400+ computers make their way to Kampala.


Also, UTL came by to install the 64kbps ISDN line (a $100/month value!…yeeesh) that we are going to use until the National Internet Backbone is finished. Everyone was quite happy to see that coming together. It’s Internet access, and you take what you can get for now.


One Response to “Work, work, and…ambassador?”

  1. Ron Buczyk says:

    Good to see things are getting started. As a CFU outsider it appears lot of people/organizations are trying to get their finger in the pie. Good luck to Janet on that one. Please keep off those high ladders I’m sure you can always sub that out to associates. Love, Dad