The Arrival of the CFU Team


The CFU team arrived today. Johnorable (our new nickname for Hon. Nsambu), Driver John, Ronnie, Rudy, and I got up in the wee hours of the morning to pick up the team bright and early at 7:45 am in Entebbe. The team took over an hour to emerge after their plane landing, and we found out soon enough that a two pieces of luggage went missing, one belonging to Fredrik, and another belonging to Jessica (one of the high school students from Washington state).

Yay, here they come!

And of course, Johnorable is so excited about the next three weeks…he just loves having the high school students here.


This is my third time in Uganda, so my initial shock only lasts a couple minutes after the first matatu (taxi) cuts us off, or someone calls me a muzungu (a British person…usually the name for all white people). So I love it when I get to see the reaction of all the newbies. It brings back so many memories of my first time.

In the bus!

The team this year is huge, with a total of 22 people. During my first year we only had a mere 14. My how things are growing. The good thing is that a third of the group is mainly here to help set up the refurbishing center—which is welcome news as we’ve all been hoping for some extra hands!

The place the students are staying at this year is very nice—much better than last year.


I’m currently staying at Johnorable’s house, but I’m welcome to stay with the team. Hmm…decisions.

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