Trouble…oh, dear.

Oh boy, guess what?

Hon. Nsambu has been calling Mombasa for the past two weeks. Every time they have told him, “Oh, yes, the computers are on their way…any day now.”

Today he calls and they tell him, “Oh, yes, the container is still here.”


And he totally lost it…

It turns out that the computers were held up in the port. The ship carrying the container was just sitting there for two weeks because there was a huge backup in getting everything on the trucks.

Now…what do you suppose the CFU team is going to do? At least the InterConnection Uganda grand opening is on July 2nd.

Anyway, the container should be here by next Monday. It should arrive at the border within the next few days, and once it hits the border, it will be escorted to Kampala. This is a big deal for CFU since they’re installing a lab in one of the first lady’s chosen schools. As for InterConnection Uganda, we’re not as hard pressed for time, but we would really like to see some computers in that warehouse and get some tools for that place.

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