Amazing changes

We have been making a lot of progress on the refurbishing center during the past week. If you remember, the place was bare when I arrived there.

But look at how far we’ve come!


Now we have an office space:

The Office

And our new executive desk…


The workstation tables are also looking much better than before. Our first carpenter did a lousy job on the tables before, you could see all the bad spots in the wood and the varnish was only half done. So I spent over three days sanding the tables and shelf and varnishing them. Today I nearly passed out from all those varnishing fumes…ehk.


No more varnishing for me, though. It’s all painting for now.


Tomorrow I’ll mostly be finishing up the huge InterConnection Uganda logo that will go on the warehouse door. It’ll look awesome. Trust me.

Oh, and we finally fixed the annoying flap on the roof that was knocked open by the wind. The carpenter climbed up on a Ugandan-style homemade ladder (that thing was heavy).

Fixing the Roof

Oh, but look closer…

Ah, useful

Is that cat5 he’s using? Oh yes it is.

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