I am outraged…

So talk about a monopoly…

The refurbishment center is looking at Internet access…no wonder they were waiting for me to help them decide, the prices here are outrageous.

The main Internet backbones in the country right now are owned by two telecom. companies: MTN (Mobile Telephone Network), and UTL (Uganda Telecom). The monopoly that these two companies currently have on Internet access should hopefully change once the Ugandan government finishes their own Internet backbone within the next year or so.

Anyway, I’m looking at prices from UTL
US $300 per month for a 256 kbps connection.
Oh, and along with the fixed IP (which is nice) you can register a domain name for $50/year! Wow, I can register a domain name without their help for $8.

Plus they have all sorts of ridiculous equipment fees.

So I knew that these prices were very high before, but these companies are just robbing these people. No wonder no one can access the Internet easily.

This needs to change. You’re going down MTN and UTL. Down, down, down.

/end rant

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