Arriving in Uganda

Well I’m in Uganda right now. It has been quite the journey over here.

The flight from Boston to Amsterdam was pretty calm. There were 40 empty seats (one of them was next to me), so I at least got to relax a little. This stroke of luck, however, kind of ended when I hit Amsterdam. In typical African fashion we boarded the plane at around the time it was supposed to have left already. My other carry on bag (a small suitcase) was then taken by one of the flight attendants because it was “too heavy” and they didn’t have enough room. I spent the entire flight worried about the health of the two laptops in there which Fredrik had given me for the refurbishing center.

Then I threw up. Hah, okay, so I timed my malaria pill so that I could take it at around noon Ugandan time…but of course this created a slightly sketchy situation as I was boarding the plane. I had to drink all my water that I bought at the Amsterdam airport because the security check happened right as I boarded the plane (joy), so I took my malaria pill with about half a bottle of tap water from the bathroom (I figured it was Amsterdam, probably safe…I wasn’t in Uganda yet), but oh boy my stomach didn’t like that.

Malaria pill + Amsterdam tap water + empty stomach = …well, you know

And I should have known this! But I guess my judgement was slightly impaired since it was around 5:00 am EDT by this time.

But it all eventually worked out. I took my pill again with dinner (I figured it probably all came out during *the incident*), so I’m fine now.

One good thing I did though: brought my own comfy blanket! As a result, I slept like a baby all the way to Entebbe.

Right before we landed I looked out the window and noticed this giant plume of ominous-looking black clouds. I also noticed that these clouds were emitting giant flashes of light! Turns out it was a tropical storm (eek!). I’m glad we didn’t have to go through that frightening weather…

Anyway, I arrived in Entebbe alright at about 8:30 p.m., got my visa, and then picked up my luggage–all bags in tact and everything perfectly sound and working. I made my way out of the baggage area…then I started to become worried. I couldn’t find anyone I knew. Aaah…did John or Brenda get my message? I was able to use someone’s phone to call Brenda, and she told me that Teep (John’s brother) and Ronnie (Mr. Bourne himself…kidding), were on their way. A couple minutes later and there they are! Whew, was I glad to see them!

We made it to John’s house, and had some time to eat dinner, with Matoke (cooked banannas) of course. And just as a reminder that I was in Uganda, the lights went out just as we ended. Luckily I had a headlamp (thanks mom), so I was able to get around the house and unpack alright.

I woke up this morning at around 9 am, surprisingly with little jet lag (oh, I’m sure that will settle in sometime later).

Anyway, I’m off to go see a football (soccer) game between Uganda and Nigeria with Teep and Alissa (his girlfriend from Pennsylvania). Along the way I’m going to pick up a SIM card, and hopefully my (hopefully unlocked) T-mobile phone will take it…

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  1. Freddy says:

    We are sure glad to read your reports this morning. What’s the name of the Nigirian coach. What batteries does the headlight require. All the best for your efforts to prep the warehouse… Our best regards and wishes to the Nsambu Family!